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Follow the website setup wizard or contact us, and your agency site will be live instantly. Start selling without any delay.

Follow the website setup wizard or contact us, and your agency site will be live instantly. Start selling without any delay.

Secure your position on Google in 24 languages with Commoware's SEO-compatible infrastructure and boost your sales like never before!

Keep track of your tour bookings and payments, while enjoying features that will streamline your business processes.

Manage your business by generating reports and tracking your monthly, annual, or daily tour-based income and expenses, as well as your overall turnover.

Select from our collection of professionally designed themes, crafted with user experience in mind to boost your sales, and activate them instantly.

Expand your business without worrying about server overage fees, software update fees, or any other hidden charges.

Accept bookings and payments in unlimited AI-powered languages and currencies, and sell worldwide with Virtual POS.

When you decide to switch to Commoware from another infrastructure, our support team guides you through the entire process.

Manage All Your Operations via Calendar

In the operations section, you can view and easily manage your tours that have previously received reservations on the calendar. You can also access reservations and the accounting screen quickly with quick access, update your quotas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commoware Travel Agency Website Provider
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What is Commoware? Commoware is a new generation agency website infrastructure specially designed for agencies with more than 50 users. You can easily open your own agency site at the speed of light without technical knowledge. What Does Commoware Do? It allows you to open your agency site in minutes. It enables you to increase your sales with various features. With its advanced features, you can manage your operations and agency site from a single panel and easily sell your tours worldwide. When Was Commoware Established? Commoware started laying its first foundations in 2020. It was established in 2020 to help agencies in their digital transformation and increase their sales volume. Today, it actively serves in many regions of Turkey and the world. Is Commoware Agency Site Infrastructure Secure? Adopting the slogan "Turkey's fastest agency infrastructure", Commoware provides world-class security for agency infrastructure. Located in Digital Ocean servers in Europe, it is protected with top-level security measures such as uninterrupted video watching and biometric access controls. In Commoware agency infrastructure, your information is kept maximum secure with free 256-bit SSL certificate and SHA-256 encryption protocol. In addition, PCI DSS compliant payment methods provide high security for your payments. Penetration tests performed at certain intervals, regular system maintenance, and automatic backups further elevate the reliability of Commoware. The availability of services is constantly monitored in an emergency action plan, and 24/7 solutions are provided in case of intervention requiring situations. How Do I Make an Agency Site with Commoware? You can quickly create an agency site with the new generation infrastructure Commoware. First, you can choose your theme, easily prepare your site, and upload your tours. After completing the descriptions and completed directions of the tours you added, you can quickly start receiving reservations from your agency site. You can also get free training if you wish. For detailed information, you can contact our support team. Is There a Free Trial Account in Commoware? Yes, you can test our entire agency site infrastructure for the top package for 7 days. Start Trial Now Why Should I Choose Commoware? You can catch the speed of light with your agency site without paying any additional fees and make more sales with less expense. Thanks to its SEO compatibility and artificial intelligence language support, you can rise to the top in 24 languages on search engines and increase your interaction with your target audience. With Commoware's conversion rate and sales-increasing features, you can also increase your profits.
What Are the Differences Between Commoware and Other Agency Website Infrastructure Companies? Unlike its competitors, Commoware offers its users its unlimited features for free. For example; Commoware users with unlimited traffic and unlimited quota do not pay any additional fees for these features. In addition, it helps you increase your sales with marketing automations such as basket reminder, email saving, cross-sell. Moreover, with localization and language options, you can easily sell your tours worldwide. How Soon Can I Make Sales When I Open an Agency Site with Commoware? With Commoware, you can open your agency site within minutes without needing technical knowledge. You can start receiving reservations from your customers, requesting tours, and more without receiving payment. However, to start making sales, you need to complete your payment infrastructure integration processes. These processes vary according to your bank. Will My Agency Site with Commoware Be SEO Friendly? Yes. The agency site you will open with Commoware ensures your listing in all languages ​​with multiple language support. Beyond being user-friendly and flexible, being able to edit the URL structure, meta title, and meta description tags helps your site rank better in search engines. The fast and mobile-compatible structure of your site significantly affects the user experience. In a site that loads quickly, users spend more time, visit more pages, and have a higher chance of making a purchase. Being able to create a site map and edit your robots.txt files makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site more effectively. In addition, breadcrumb and schema structures make your site structurally more understandable and user-friendly. This also positively affects your SEO performance. Commoware provides support in all these matters and offers advanced features to improve the ranking of your agency site. Does Commoware Provide Support in the Installation of Agency Site? Commoware provides one-on-one training at the installation stage for each user. Moreover, it has a 24/7 customer support team that you can reach every day of the year. How Can I Contact the Commoware Team? You can contact the Commoware team through live support, or you can get an instant response by sending an email to [email protected] or using the live support feature on our website. Does Commoware Provide Support in the Change of Agency Site Infrastructure? Yes, when you want to move your agency infrastructure to Commoware, you can go through the entire process with our technical support team. In addition, if you switch from different agency infrastructures to Commoware agency infrastructure, you can get free support. Move your agency infrastructure to Commoware and take advantage of the biggest campaign of the year! Get a 50% discount on annual payments. How Long Does It Take to Move My Agency Site Infrastructure to Commoware? The duration of moving from your old agency infrastructure to Commoware agency infrastructure may vary depending on the number of tours, page numbers, and payment infrastructure applications on the site. However, on average, it is possible to complete the transfer procedures within 2-3 days. How Much Commission Does Commoware Take? At the moment, Commoware does not request any commission from its customers.
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